Supercharge social interaction on your site with VEEPS!
A revolutionary new tech which lets your audience chat, call and video conference. Imagine any Skype like application without the hassle to install and configure!
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Why Veeps?

Why not! We are passionate in always working with some of the latest web technologies that are currently available and Veeps is a child born from that passion. No flash, lightweight, no needed installs, no needed plugins - nothing!


Copy and paste a simple embed code on your site and you're done. No hassles.


Nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch, diddly-squat.

Public chat

Default public room where everyone can chat freely.

Private chat

Start a private chat with with anyone currently online.

Facebook chat

See your Facebook friends, chat with them, create new friends!

Private (video) call

Make a private video call with anyone. Just click on the person you want to call and you're set.

Share videos

Built in share videos feature from Youtube or Brid Video to other people currently online.


Plugin-able with YouTube, Video.js, Flow player and JW player. More player support coming soon!
Pick a video player:
Display images for user portraits
Display video user portraits
Launch Veeps inside player
Launch Veeps outside of player
Launch Veeps with Veeps icon
Launch Veeps on "Play" click
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